Donate By Mail

To donate to MICAH, mail your donation to:

Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing
463 Maria Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55106-4428

Donate Online

Click this button and use a credit card to make a one-time donation online:

Details, details, details….

Who provides the new donation site?  

Yes, we dropped PayPal as our credit card processor. PayPal did quite well with donations from the MICAH website, but, when we wanted to switch all of our credit card processing to one vendor, PayPal required a different arrangement which was more expensive. So now we use the same service, Quick Commerce through National Bankcard, whether you use the website, or mail a credit card donation to MICAH on a pledge envelope.

Recurring Donations?

National Bankcard charges a monthly fee to provide recurring donations. MICAH will gladly pay the fee and accept recurring donations just as soon as someone wants to donate that way. Just drop me a note at tim@micah.org and I will set it up. Meanwhile, we will save by not paying the fee until we need the service.

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