Paul Stoll's Letter to the Press

"As a person of faith, I listen to my head, heart, and soul.
"I look at the numbers:  the head.  As wages have stayed steady and housing prices increase, more people need affordable housing.  If people live where they work, we save on roads, they save on gas.  If we live in higher density housing land is cheaper.  If kids have stable housing, they do better in school.  We subsidize all housing with tax credits for mortgages, why not an affordable housing subsidy?
"What does my heart tell me?  There are a lot of kids in poverty, they deserve stability.  Today's Minnesotans have accents or darker skin than I, they deserve welcome.  Today's college grads have more debt, fewer prospects, and deserve the chance to move from mom and dad's house.
"What do I believe in my soul?  My faith is Christian; my Bible brings a Jesus who talks about helping the poor, treating them justly.  In Mathew 25 he says we will get to heaven based on how we treat the poor.  Jesus sits with sinners, thank God.  Can't we meet our "affordable housing" neighbors; treating them as Jesus would?
"My head says it is good policy; my heart offers welcome and opportunity; my soul reaches to ALL God's children not just those who have the money to buy market rate houses. "

Paul Stoll, Eagan

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