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Despite our best efforts, the housing crisis has grown unchecked in the State of Minnesota for too long. Struggling from year to year for adequate funding has been ineffective. We cannot tolerate communities that are increasingly divided into the haves and the have-nots.

We live in a state blessed with abundance. Our values compel us to act in securing a new, significant, dedicated stream of funding for affordable housing now. Thirty-eight other states have implemented similar funding solutions and the time has come for Minnesota’s lawmakers to take action. 

We commit ourselves to seeking new funding because we believe:

* 30% of the 88,000 dwellings expected to be built along our present and developing light rail and bus lines must be affordable;

state investment in affordable housing is wise -- every dollar invested leverages an additional nineteen dollars;

all children deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and life, and a child’s success is tied to having a safe, decent and affordable home; 

people of all races and cultures have a right to live in the same neighborhood where they work, worship and go to school;

allowing 300,000 Minnesota families to live without a safe, decent place to call home is unconscionable.

Therefore, we support MICAH and coalition partners in a campaign to win a new, significant, dedicated stream of funding for affordable housing by increasing the state’s existing deed surcharge to 0.5%.

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